A Full-Service Property Management and Consulting Firm for the Hospitality Industry


Located in Los Angeles, California, M HOSPITALITY is a West Coast consulting firm offering asset management and brand re-launching services for restaurants and hotels. Our experienced consultants specialize in working with hospitality businesses and provide a variety of beneficial services to improve the return on your investment in your business. At M HOSPITALITY, we present a unique service for hospitality businesses and offer a hands-on approach to project management and branding for all tiers of both full service and boutique hotels. 

At M HOSPITALITY we specialize in hospitality property management, asset management services, and restaurant and hotel consulting services to maximize your profits and increase your business' efficiency. We offer full-service management of your company's assets and our goal is to increase your bottom line. By going through budgets, expenses, labor analysis, sales and marketing, profit and loss statements, food and beverage costs, menu engineering, and employee training, we are able to provide an all-inclusive solution to optimize your return on investments.  

An Experienced Team on Your Side
Backed by more than a combined 100 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are highly knowledgeable in the day-to-day operations, special projects coordination, and many facets of running a hospitality business. With our teams' knowledge and expertise we are able to maximize return on investments. Choose our services for business stability and put our experience to work for you.